stillborn June 12 1998.
Remembered by Mommy,Daddy,big brother and new little sister:
This is something i wrote to Samantha Even though you're gone my love for you will live on. Deep inside mommy's broken heart missing you so much. I cry cause i want you and even wish i could be with you. No one knows how bad mommy misses you. Yeah they say the do but deep inside i know they don't. They tell me it would be better if i took you're pictures down and put them away. What do they know? They didn't lose you,MOMMY DID. Sometimes i think they want me to forget about you but never worry you will always be here in mommy's broken heart. It's easy for them to forget about you cause you didn't mean half as much to them as you did to me. Mommy loves you and i will never forget you no matter how many years go by. Yeah you're gone but you will always have your place here in MOMMY'S BROKEN HEART. Please always remember Mommy loves you.


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