born 4/9/05 and died 4/9/05.
Remembered by Cousin Vinny:
It's been a long time since I've put real thought to you. I'm sorry. But if theres one thing thats impacted me in the time that you've been gone is this quote WHY DO WE LONG FOR THINGS IF THEY'RE NOT MEANT TO BE OURS. To me it means God is wiser than all of us. His ultimate plan is unconceivable by any man. I think if were given something, whether by mistake or intention, it has a purpose. So while it may have seemed like, God gave us you and took you away, it was a mistake, and why us?, thos e are all thoughts we made up in our heads, we're the ones in the wrong. I believe you and your passing happened for a reason, maybe to teach us to get up when we fall, or love more dearly, or express our emotions, or something God hasn't revealed to us yet, it all happened to us for a purpose. So thank you for your gift. (i never knew i could draw as well as i can , or love someone {claudia} so much till now)


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