stillborn November 27, 2005.
Remembered by mommy (Brenda), buita (Yasmin), and aunties (Sandra, Claudia, Veronica and Vanessa):
Serena is my precious babygirl and always will be remembered as a beautiful princess. She was and always will be greatly loved by her mommy and her family, who miss her unimaginably. Wish you were here, laying on my chest, close to my heart, hearing your big brother, Vincie, laugh and play. Every positive thing that I do in my life is in honor of you. I will never ever let go of the great love and memories that I share with you. Feeling your kicks, stretching and hiccups in my tummy. Watching my tummy go side to side and jumping; the best gift you could ever have given me. And you may not be aware, but I greatly thank God for giving me the privilege of being your mommy. All I can think about is your cute pointy nose, your rosy cheeks, delicate, long fingers, and your adorable long thin feet. How I wish to kiss them once again. I greatly look forward to seeing and holding my precious jewel again.


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