miscarried November 22, 2005.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
I never honestly realized just How much I wanted you until you were gone. We were So suprised to find out that you were on you're way into our lives. Your big brother and sister were so excited about you coming. Mommy and Daddy too. I went into the Drs for my routine checkup and Zach was 15 weeks 2 days along. I knew that something wasn't right when Dr.P couldn't find your heartbeat. Then the U/S showed that you were gone :( My heart just broke into a billion pieces. Zach had a severe chromonsome problem with little to no brain development and I had no amnio fluid left. I miss you so much sweetie. I find myself looking up into the clouds sometimes and just invision you looking down at me from Heaven. I blow you kisses. I hope you can catch them. I know that God is taking The best care of you honey. I'm not Sad about that. I just wish that I had had the chance to see your sweet little face and hear your little cries. I will miss you Forever and Never forget you.


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