stillborn February 22, 2005.
Remembered by Your loving mama - Ericka Ruffin:
When i first found out that you exist i was afraid. When i first felt you moved i was in love. I may have been the only one who wanted you but you were wanted, loved, and a blessing. Everytime i look into the heavens and see a star, i picture you in heaven with the Lord and I smile. My soul rest and my heart skips a beat knowing that even for a short period of time God blessed me to have you in my life. I wear you on my back, a symbol to help me. It says “My Angel Baby“ with a picture of you sitting in God's garden. Pick the beautiful flowers for your mama and one day i'll be able to reach out and retrieve them from your hand. My sweet boy, mama loves you more than life its self. You will never, never be forgotten.


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