stillborn 11/30/2001.
Remembered by Your Mommy, Charity:
Its a beautiful day, and I have my window opened, looking up at the clouds, the blue skies, taking the time to remember you - my dear sweet son. A lot of things are going on in your Mom's life right now. I hope I can figure it all out. I keep thinking the Lord will take me where I am meant to be. Dylan, I don't think people realize how much it hurt me when I lost you. Noone even mentions you anymore - I feel sometimes I am the only one that remembers you - but I guess that would be a normal feeling because I really was the only one that truly knew you. I felt your kicks, your hicups, your movements, saw your heartbeating for the very 1st time - so many beautiful precious moments that were just “ours“ that I will always treasure. Your sister sends balloons up to the sky and makes wishes for you - and for some reason always mentions a new pair of shoes - I think she is thinking about Grandpa Thomas. :) I think its very sweet because she never even met you and she is only 4 years old! :) Your Mom is going to find her life again - somehow ;) I love you my dear sweet son. Pray for me, I need all the prayers I can get :) Love you so much. Charity


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