stillborn March 15,2006.
Remembered by Mommy , Daddy and big sisters Mya , Nilyaris:
My dearest angel Jesai Miguel, I would give anything to hold you again, I will give anything for you to be here with me, or even in my place. I fell in love with you the moment I learned that I was pregnat and that you were a boy. My love grew for you each and every day and will continue to do so. Your Sisters were so excited for you, we counted down the days before we were able to see you. You lived inside me for 30 6/7 weeks these were the most special and precious weeks of my life. We got to hold you and kiss even though it was only just for a short time. You were truly beautiful and perfect. I don't understand why you had to go, but only God knows why, I know you are in a better place and we have a beatiful angel that looks over our family ,but my heart aches for you so despertely no one can ever replace you in my heart. You will always be our little Angel Jesai. Yuo will never be forgotten and you will live on in our hearts forever, one day we will be together.We love you very very much Jesai. Your sisters Mya, Nilyaris, Daddy and Mommy. With all my heart and soul, your Mommy


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