stillborn October 31, 2005.
Remembered by Catina M. Crowder:
Gabriel My Angel may you soar with the Angels and our Lord in Heaven. You will forever be missed but now I will keep you inside my heart, knowing that you and God are keeping and guiding me. You were a joy to carry your soul underneath my heart, your strong kicks, your peaceful personality. You were the reason I lived and breathed. Don't worry about Mommy you are keeping me strong, both you and God. I will make you proud, no that I may shed a tear, I may shed a lot but it is only a sign of how much you were loved. If no one wanted you what is most important is that your Mother fought for you. Worked hard for you, I am glad that no one can hurt you, ridicule you. Your father can't cause you pain for you are with your true Heavenly Father, far from pain, heartache, sin, sickness and death. Living the life of a Prince, I wanted the best for you and you received it! I love You! Mommy


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