miscarried Jan 13th, 2005 and Jan 13, 2006.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy, sister and two brothers:
In the Memory of Babies Chafin... I'll never forget the joy we felt to hear that you were on your way twice, and the heartbreak when we were told you both were not to stay. The grief we felt on losing both of you were more than we bear. If I still had both of you inside of me my life would be totally complete. We still think about you both all the time. Even though I do not have you physically, but you both are always a part of me. We lost you at 8 weeks and then at 7 weeks. We do not know why we lost you both. In our hearts, they will bever take the place of you both. For there is a space that quite never filled, deep within our heart, a space which has been empty since the day we had to apart. And though we know some day from now, we will be together, we love you and remember you until the end of never. You both are my precious little angels. Don't forget little babies that your mommy, daddy will always love you. We love you always, Mommy,Daddy, Big sister, Big Brother and little brother


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