stillborn 11/30/00.
Remembered by Mommy:
Its a warm October day, and I sit here remembering you my dear sweet baby boy. Life has been full of change this year for me, I feel sometimes I am very much alone. I feel very distant from my family because of the decisions I've made. The only real people I have in my life are my children, including you and the Lord. So I drove down the road today and realized I am never alone because I have you, Tyler Jacob and Allison and most of all I have God who seems to look out for me no matter what, even though I do not deserve it. I am missing you, wondering what could have been, as always. But I have healed and I know your having to leave has a wonderful purpose for my life, and I am so blessed. So I hope this bright sunny October day my dear son, you are playing in the clouds of heaven, smiling down on Mommy because I am following my heart, and watching over me and your brothers and sister as we move thru the days and go where the Lord intends us to be. God Bless my son, smile and never be afraid - Mommy is always with you. Always. With love, Charity, your mommy.


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