stillborn 11/30/2000.
Remembered by Your Mother, Charity:
To my son in heaven, how are you doing? Its November 2006, a very different November from all the others. You father and I aren't together anymore. I have a lot of mixed feelings about everything, but with each day that comes and goes, I know that somehow I'll make it thru this, and will move on w/life and complete the path the Lord has chosen for me. Your a part of my life, and forever will be. I am thankful I have a child in heaven and children on earth, I am very very fortunate to have these blessings. In just a few days you would have lived to be 6 years old, probably in 1st grade by now, and into everything I am sure! :) Your sister is just the sweetest thing, very bright and constantly searching for new things to learn. She has a very unique personality, much like mine, very bizarre things she says and does sometimes, and I laugh hysterically! She still loves french fries and chocolate milk! Your older brothers are as tall and taller than I am, and turning into little Freds. They love football, online gaming and the outdoors, hunting especially! They are good boys, very sweet and gentle hearted, and I am very lucky to have them w/me protecting me and their concern for me and my wellbeing is so sweet. I love all of my children, and today my dear son I want to tell you that I love you and miss you, and wonder about you. Rest in peace my dear son, Mommy is always here for you. Love, Charity


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