stillborn 11-03-06.
Remembered by Aunt Kari -This is for Raymond and Dawn and their families so that we can always hold Chloe in our h:
I know that Raymond and Dawn were both so devasted by their loss of their baby girl who everyone was so anxiously waiting for. They were so prepared I have three children of my own and I can truely say that they were so prepared and they just couln't wait. Than that tragic day came and something none of us expected happened. I know that Raymond and Dawn would have been wonderful parents to that little girl who is now their angel baby. We all love you Chloe. You are remembered by your Mi Mama who loves you so much,your Grandpa Ralph,Aunt Amanda,Audree,and Katelynn, your cousins Robert,Rebeca,WilliamAnd Haley,Auntie Kari,Candyce, and Uncle Ralphie,Russell,and Chuckie and lots of other family that Aunt Kari doesn't know but I do know that your “Forever in our Hearts“! We love you Chloe Jo Costales.


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