born July 7 2006 and died July 4 2006.
Remembered by Gramma:
I am a grandma,a grandma like many i realize now,we waited for almost 38 weeks to hold you,to hear your cry & to know your smell.At 14 weeks we almost lost you,but you stayed with us in your mommy's tummy with your daddy waiting beside you both. On that sad day as your mom&dad held you their beautiful boy,perfect in every way trying to make sense of their loss, a kind nurse told your mom you were almost 5 lbs and just over 18in long she turned to me and asked through her tears of sorrow,“but what color are his eyes?“ I said “l don't know“.I felt so lost.Now I realize does anyone know what color angel eyes are?. I was mad at first, I was sad at first, not so much anymore.When I'm alone or talking to your grandpa I wonder will you be able to find us and be with us somehow? from Alberta skies to B.C skies though your mom and dad are there. The stars I see at the lake where you've been with us and as ashes after I hope you are there or when I'm home are you there with us? are you the owl I see or did I not notice before? fate or belief ,things happen for a reason. I don't think I'll see you for awhile but I don't know, right now I,m just one of many special grandma's.wondering what special song you would have like me to sing to you,are you a star?,or the baby loon on the lake? but my biggest wonder will be, what color are you precious angel eyes?.Smile on all of us I'll know everything when I hold you again. forever grandma xox.


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