miscarried November 28, 2006.
Remembered by Meaghan Carmichael:
Baby, though you never got to see this wonderful world, and though I never got to meet you, I will never, ever forget you. The doctors said I wasn't pregnant,but, I knew I was, and I knew you would be a star-child. Sadly you were reclaimed by the stars. Your name was going to be Prudence Melinda-Grace Carmichael, and you were going to be thoroughly loved. I will never stop loving you. you never got the chance to be blessed, but I know you held promise. I hope that one day, somehow I can meet you in your next life. Now that you're in Summerland with the moon-lady, and the sun-child, and with the green-man you can see the world you could have lived in. Darling, I'm sorry you didn't have that chance, this time around. You will never, ever be forgotten by me. Love from, your mommy.


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