born 1-4-1993 and died 1-7-1993.
Remembered by Mother:
Chas was our first child. Although he lived for only three short days, his impact on my life has been and continues to be quite dramatic. I feel that he has brought to my life an understanding of the importance of enjoying the now, as well as the need to be much less judgemental. We suffered a miscarriage just 10 months after his death, but went on to have twin daughters that will turn 5 next month. Much like Chas. the girls were born prematurely, but unlike him they have gone on to live healthy, happy lives with us. Never a day passes when I don't think of him, and I suspect that will be true for the rest of my life. Today would have been his 7th birthday. His father and I miss him greatly, but know in our hearts that we will hold him again one day. Thank you for this opportunity to write about him.


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