miscarried December 19, 2006.
Remembered by Megan (Mommy) & Martin (Daddy):
Dear Novia (the First), We wanted you very, very much and planned our pregnancy with you. You were Mommy's first baby ever!!! We were wishing for a girl, but would haved wanted you no less if you were a boy. Everyone welcomed you so much that we already had nursery & baby items being delivered to our home the same week we lost you! Although you were only in Mommy's belly for 6 amazing weeks, everyone loved you, wanted you, and couldn't wait to meet you already! We even spoke to you a few times, even though you didn't have ears, yet! Daddy gave you kisses from outside Mommy's tummy all the time. Mommy had a hand on her belly most of the time, too, feeling her belly get firmer and waiting for it to grow bigger. When we lost you, everyone cried (even Grandma). Daddy and Mommy cried quite a few times, and we still do sometimes because we miss you a lot, and we wanted you VERY badly! We were SO EXCITED when that first test came up positive, and after the second & third tests to confirm your existence, we were just ECSTATIC! We spent hours everyday, pouring through pregnancy websites to get filled up with information. We celebrated several times with dinners, greeting cards, and gifts all-around. Grandma, your Aunt Tara, and Uncle Brad all got Christmas presents for you, and so did Mommy and Daddy. We even have the most expensive, softest newborn diapers for you! You will be greatly missed, and although Mommy & Daddy are going to have another baby at some point, we will NEVER forget you, and we will always love, remember, and miss you dearly! Love, Mommy


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