born January 4, 2000 and died January 4, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Charles and Rebecca:
James we love you very much! It is going to be very hard living here without you. A friend of mine wrote this and I read it often: I walked through a forest on a bright and sunny day; All was well in my shining world. I turned to my Father and smiled, my Father smiled back but said not a word. In an instant my world changed, all that was happy became said, all that was full was now empty. I looked again around me, slowly I realized that what I dreamed of would never be. My soul began to weep and my heart ached as never before, emptiness overwhelmed my entire self. I turned to my Father and asked "why?", my Father would not answer. I know that one day my answer will come, on that day my heart will soar and my soul will shine. Some things have no answer in my world, all souls have their time and place. Only my Father knows why my loved One is gone, I will never understand completely. I now look around my world and see things in a different light. That which I did not notice now means more. Those who are close I cherish in a different and stronger way. The One I have lost I will find one day and hold with love.


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