stillborn January 19,1988.
Remembered by Terie Jean carney his mother and family:
Twenty years ago you came into my life, I know I let you down by not wanting to be pregnant at the time, but when I lost you I did not want to loose you and although its been twenty years, I have missed you and ached for you to be in our lives but your memory is in my broken heart. If you had lived you would be a tall handsome son with brown hair or maybe blond as your two older brothers each have. I have said it for twenty years and to my last breath that I am sorry. I whish you could come back to me. I wish you had lived and I had been the one to die, cause you are innocent and I am not, you are yonge and i am old. It is not fare what happened to you! And as your mother i should have given up my life to save yours. I wish I could even now. I love you son. I just wish my love for you had the power to undo what happened and you could live. ANd I am sorry you died. I am so sorry. I am going to go back to suport group and remember you and love you every way I can. love Mom


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