born December 29, 1998 and died December 29, 1998.
Remembered by Momma and Daddy:
Heaven sent to warm our hearts
Angels rock you to sleep now, you feel
No pain,
No suffering,
And we know that you are at peace.
Having you in our lives, even for one brief moment

Energized our souls for better days to be coming
Loving you still, that, I promise you will never cease.
In the darkest of days,
Somehow we can feel your presence from
Beyond the great blue skies.
Even us mortals can feel your angelic smile warming us from afar.
To say we miss you would be an understatement but
Hannah we know that you are safe now.

Never will we forget you for you are engrave upon our hearts 4ever
Eternity awaits us and when God finally calls us home,
We will finally get to play with you. Until then just remember:
Momma loves you sweet baby, daddy too
and angels keep you safe for
Now until we can walk with you upon the streets of gold.

We will never forget you sweetheart and we will see you on the other side.
All of our love, Momma and Daddy


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