stillborn December 6, 2006.
Remembered by Your Mommy & Daddy:
I arrived at my 36 week check-up on December 5. I mentioned to my CNM that the baby had slowed down, after completing a form for me to have an ultrasound she used the doppler to locate my baby's heart rate. I was always amazed at how quickly she could find it and when she wasn't able to find it right away, I knew something was wrong. We rushed to the hospital where they confirmed that our baby girl,London, was gone. London was born still 10 hours after labor was induced at 12:36am.She was a beautiful baby, almost the spitting image of her dad. The hardest part was leaving the hospital that evening without her. London, Mommy and Daddy love and miss you so very much. You are our angel always and will be with us throughout our journey. We will be together again some day, until that time comes we hold you in our hearts and we will never forget our precious baby girl.


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