stillborn January 7, 2007.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Sumayya Muhammed Ahmed Abudlrahman and Ali:
ZAHRAA MY ANGEL > >My precious little one >you have broken my heart >you lived with me day and night >you made your presence known as >you moved, you were special unlike all. >I went thru soo much to keep you, to have you >but you had to leave, so fast so soon. I tried to keep you but you slipped >away. No one knows what we went thru, what happened to us, how we felt. >You lived in my heart, never knowing you will depart. >My preciuos little one, why? why? did you go. >I wanted to feed you, hold you, be with you. But you left. >You left me in sorrow you left me stranded. You have changed who I am. You >have touched me, Blessed me. I will never forget you..I'll I can say is >good bye my angel, good bye, till we meet again >MOM >


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