born July 30, 1998 and died August 9, 1998.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and Mackenzie:
We love you so much Colton. I miss you, I miss your warm cuddly body, I miss your delicate soft cries, I miss your strength and courage. I want so much to be with you again. Please watch over us until we meet again. Love , Mommy, Daddy, and Mackenzie

Cherished Babe

So lucky,was I...
To have stroked this babe,
Not a day will come without him in thought,
His stay was short,
None the less sweet,
Engraved in our hearts forever.

The joy he brought,
Is truly grand,
I thank God,
For great and unmeasurable,
Is the gift He gave.

Although this babe must go,
He is protected,
He is eternally loved,
He is never forgotten.

We shed our tears,
In love for him,
Blessed are we to have known.....

Aunt Vicky


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