miscarried March 20, 2007.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
We prayed and tried for you for three years and just when we thought that adoption was the way for us - there you were! Discovered on a pregnancy test Feb. 7, the day before our anniversary, we couldn't believe it. Our dreams had come true and our prayers were answered at last. Twice we saw you and heard your heartbeat on ultrasound, but the third time they couldn't find it. Suddenly our world was crushed and heartbreak set in. We know you are with God now and there is no better place for you to be, no matter how much we would have liked to have you here with us. You were our first miracle and you always will be - no other baby can take that honor away from you. Our consolation now is that we will see you in Heaven some day and when we do be prepared for lots of hugs and kisses. We love you so much!


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