born september 7th 2000 and died november 2 2000.
Remembered by Stephanie Wilson:
My Dear Jessica Past Away On Novever 2 2000 at night, she was found in her crib. fast asleep in heavens gates where she finally walked one last time. i was 10 years old when i saw her last. im now 16. and i still sit up at night staring out the window and cry and pray for the baby i loved and still love dearly. There is and will always be the one memory that will never leave my mind. her smile. her first smile at me. im her cousin. but closet to being her sister. i want her to know that just because she was a baby it dosn't mean i'll give up and forget. cause no matter what she's the only one that keeps me alive. if i had one last day with ehr. i would set her free in a much better way. I love you my angel and i want everyone to know that you were a victim of a sickness that can not ever be caured. <3 xox my heart will go on by caline dion. was her song


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