stillborn March 28, 2007.
Remembered by Jennifer and Tony Foster:
Dear Aidan, Today is my first day as an official part-time stay at home mom. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving your big brother. As we were playing with his toys, I couldn't help but wish that you were here to play with us. I know that you two would have gotten along beautifully. As I was thinking about the two of you, I remembered an entry in my journal that I wrote about you and your brother. In the middle of the entry it begins with I can't help but hope and dream that you were here with us. I know Hudson would've loved to have a little brother to play with. I always thought those names, Hudson and Aidan sounded like they were meant to be brothers. Hudson share your legos with Aidan. Hudson and Aidan, time to eat. I know that I will never get to say those words to you or Hudson. But, I know in heaven, you will have great fun with your brother who is now here on earth and that gives me hope. Love, mom


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