stillborn 12-26-2006.
Remembered by Mommy,Daddy and Jaden Brooke:
Preston, I often sit and wonder what you'd look like now or what it'd be like to hear your laugh or see your smile. My heart is saddened that I'll never truly know you. I'll never be able to comfort you or rock you to sleep. I'll never be able to feed or burp you or change your diapers. When sister was little Mommy took those things for granted and now I wish I could have the chance to do them again. I wish I could've done something to save you, but this is somehow part of a greater plan. I can't see it as a purpose because it hurts to much, but I know God has a plan. I know I'll see your sweet face again one day. I know I'll be with you and that's how I make it each day. I don't ever have to say goodbye to you because we'll be together again someday. I miss and love you my sweet baby boy. Love,Mommy


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