stillborn Nov 2000.
Remembered by Your Dad:
Dylan, We grow another year I miss you very much. I think of my family and where you fit into that. I really don't have much anymore. Your mom left and my life revolves around your sister now. I love her more than my own life. I would die for her in order to keep her healthy. Then I would join you if God thought I was good enough. I miss your mom and your brothers so much. My heart feels empty yet I go on day by day until I can't. I made a lot of mistakes in life but thought that I had changed. I really miss the boys and wish you were here as one of them. I really do not know what to do with my life anymore. I have tried very hard to think about the future and forget the past. I guess that is what got me to come on here now. I hope that you can see I am a good person Dylan and I hope I am a good dad even though you did have time on earth for me to prove that to. I look at your sister and she is what keeps my heart pumping. This is the time I have ever had besides the day that the doctoer told your mom and I about you. I tried to play it off and be strong for everyone but I really wanted to share my sports knowledge and love with you. You are my boy still and the only one I have outside of your sister. I hope she never wants to leave me alone. I love you Dylan as I do my whole family and only hope and pray that our family is again together. Love Dad


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