born june 21,2006 and died november 13,2006.
Remembered by mommy,daddy, and big brother connor:
my little pumpkin...i think about you everyday. we all do. connor looks for you in heaven and blows kisses to the sky...and so do i. i hope that you hear us when we talk to you and tell you how much we love you. you shouldve been here with us forever. you made our family complete. i think about you always..who you would be growing into..the trouble you boys would be getting into.. the hugs and kisses i wish i could steal. i never knew how much you could love somebody in such a short time. i cherish every moment we had with you. i think of your big toothless smile and that loud little voice that you knew how to use... you are my sunshine pumpkin. i love you so much. we all do. i always knew you were our little angel. i just never thought it would be that you were our guardian angel. but i know you are. and i know that one day we will see you and be able to hold you and hug you and kiss you again. and i cant wait until that day. until then we'll continue to talk to you and remember you and blow you kisses. i love you bubby. with all of my heart. and everyone here misses you so much. our little angel. xoxoxxoxoxoxo


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