miscarried September 9, 2006.
Remembered by Michelle and Adam Evola:
Baby Christopher will be forever loved and forever missed by his mommy and daddy. As each day passes by, we miss and love you more and more. We will never forget you. And though we only got to see your tiny, beautiful self for just a second, your daddy and I will always have the picture of you forever in our minds. It was so unfair that you were taken from us and we would give anything to be able to hold you in our arms. You were a perfect little gift from above. And as you sleep among the angels in the clouds above and smile down and watch over us, your daddy and I wait to hold you in our arms and be with you. We will never forget that tragic day we lost you so suddenly. And you can guarantee your mommy will miss you beating up her tummy! And when it comes to daddy, your were his little boy, his pride and joy. We love you baby Christopher!!!!!! Love Mommy and Daddy


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