born april17,2006 and died march25,2007.
Remembered by your mommy,sister aubrey,and borrowed daddys family:
brandon,brando,tatanka kte hoksina,my papa son,i have never felt a love so precious that was just for was truely something i never felt before,it was just you and i,mother and son.i had you all to myself.your laughs, your cries, your looks, your touches ,your kisses,everyday and night you for 11months,9days,were all for us .i am so very proud of you and all your milesstones and you just being you,though i had so many dreams for are so beautiful inside and out ,you were too perfect in every way god just had to have were choosen and i was choosen and thats how precious our love was he chose us.i love you my all-star!! miss you dimples!! im ready,love you forever my angel ,mommy


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