Remembered by Mummy and Daddy:
I remember when we found out we were going to have you, I remember the joy in your Daddy's face as he told me, he'd be there to look after us no matter what. I remember knowing you were inside me, unable to see you, or even feel you, but knowing I loved you instantly. I could imagine holding you in my arms, seeing your beautiful face, and doing all the things new parents do, walks in the park, making silly faces and singing stupid rhymes to you. I felt empty, the day they told me you had gone to heaven. All my expectations of you, and what we would do together, gone. I thought it was all my fault and blamed myself. I now realise that God wanted you to be a star in heaven, to look over us and keep me and Daddy safe. Charlie, you are our angel. We think of you every day, We will never forget you, and we will love you for the rest of our lifes.


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