miscarried November 27, 1998.
Remembered by Susan Oxendine:
I've had difficulty conceiving for two years since I made the biggest mistake of my life. At 17, I was pregnant in 1995, and only to hide this from my parents, I had an abortion and have been trying to have another since I left home - not to replace, but to give my child all the love that I could possibly give, even though a place in my heart always will be full of guilt and hurt for what I had done. I was pregnant and unaware in November of 1998 and when I found out, it was only because I had pains in the process of miscarrying. Yet, I had hope that everything would be okay, but things went wrong. I love my child even if I never saw her, I miss her and want this dedicated to her because I am unable to communicate with her in any other way. I must go on and just pray that I will be blessed with another child, this time to have the opportunity to share my love.


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