stillborn November 30, 2000.
Remembered by Mom, Tyler, Jacob & Allison:
Its fall now, and I know soon the leaves will change, it will get darker sooner, and we'll be bundling up in our jackets to stay warm! I think of you and realize you would have been 7 this year. Probably doing well in the 2nd grade, growing up and being a boy! I am so sorry you didn't have that chance. Sometimes life down here on earth gets so crazy, I know you are in a safe and peaceful place. But I still had plans, hopes and dreams for you - I am sorry those changed. Things have changed here too, dramatically. Life has taken me on a new course now, and its not easy, yet I know its where I need to be. My faith in the Lord comforts me in knowing all I do, say, am, and think will be in his hands. Nothing is by fate - it is all part of the plan he has for me. So I do not doubt that where I am now is where I meant to be. These changes happened with great pain, but I look around and can see clearly wonderful things happening to those I love and care for, these things would not have happened w/out the changes that came forth. And so my dear son, know that even though your Dad & I aren't together anymore in marriage on earth, we are still your proud, loving parents. And we are both doing okay now, and still think about you, and still love you. Allison always sends up the balloon for you when we eat at a place that offers them. And now and then I take a look at your picture, smile and remember the little kicks that I once felt, and the dreams I had for your life. One day we we'll be together again. I know that. God Bless. Love, Mom, Tyler Jacob & Allison


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