born 6/29/02 and died 6/29/02.
Remembered by Gramma Juju and Grampa Papa:
We can only think of how you and Gracie would be getting along right now. Probably fighting like cats and dogs! Maybe things would have been different if you have lived and your parents could be together. At this time I see you growing into a bright young man with a mind of his own and noone is going to change that. Don't know if that comes from the Umlor side or the Trowbidge side. Maybe we do not want to know! I just know that you would have been a great brother to your little sister Gracie and we think of you all the time. Papa never got to take you fishing or camping and Gramma Juju never got to take you shopping! We pray and think of you every day! Benjamin, we love you!


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