born September 21, 2007 and died September 27 & October 7, 2007.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy & big brothers Zack, Jacob & Noah:
My sweet little angels, I miss you so much. I only found out I was expecting twins 3 weeks before you were born. After having 3 boys it was a shock to be expecting two more babies at the same time but what a miracle twins are. Born at 24 weeks you didn't have much of a chance but I had the chance of a lifetime to hold you, cuddle you and watch your personalities flower. Avarrie, you were so much different than Sophie. Quiet and peaceful, you only lived for 5 days but you showed us so much love. I'm sorry if you suffered at all but know that I loved you from the first second you were born. Sophie, you were the fighter . My little mighty mouse that everyone expected to make it, but at some point you had to give up too and be with your sister. Life just wasn't fair to either of you. I fought for you both everyday and in the end I was able to kiss your beautiful faces, hold your little hands and hug you. I will be able to do that again someday and I won't let you go. I miss you so much everyday that my heart breaks over and over again, but your brothers keep me going with life. They miss you so much too and I'm glad they were able to meet you and kiss you too. Sweet little angels, take care of each other, visit me in my dreams and I will see you someday soon. I love you and thank you for being my girls. Mommy misses you forever.


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