stillborn November 25th 2006.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Big Brothers Kaleb and Kaedon:
Our Little Angel was lost to us on November 25th 2006 with tiny hands and feet that walked into my heart at a mere 17 weeks and 5 days old. He might have been stillborn in the hospital's eyes..But he was still born in mine and in God's. We have created a website in our baby's memory................................... The Loss of My Child........ Written By Terralynn Verge............. The loss of My child Left a hole in my heart A pain that wont leave While we're apart The loss of My child Cannot be explained I felt dead inside Things were never the same I wake up, carry on, Live day to day Try to pick up the pieces Since he's been taken away He grew in my body He lives on in my soul The love that I feel for him No one could know His time may have been short But it was time spent as one The Love of a Mother And her Unborn Son So take all your advice And leave it unsaid I know you mean well I know what you've read But the loss of my child Cannot be explained Unless you held a child in your arms That you wished back again


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