stillborn 10/15/1993.
Remembered by Mommy:
My sweet angel boy, There are some things I need to share with you since I’m here. And I know it’s more for me than it is for you, but I know you know that. It makes the moving on a little easier. I never forgot you my baby, and I will never forget you. I was truly blessed to have you, if only for a few moments, in my hand…I will always remember. I was 14 when I realized all in one moment that I was pregnant and had lost you. I felt so guilty. For years I wished I could bring you back to me. You would be 15 now. You would have made an incredible big brother to your little sister Asia, she’s 7. Asia’s daddy and I are getting married this year on Halloween so if you would like to try to come back to us, we’ll be trying again soon. A friend of mine found out that her baby didn’t have a heartbeat today. They’ve tried for years to make a little family, and my heart is breaking for her. Will you please guide their little one back home? I love you, Mommy


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