born 10-16-2005 and died 11-29-07.
Remembered by Nikki Erickson and my family:
My son, Jadyn Jeffrey, ever since he was born was such a happy child.He was the most beautiful child anyone could ask for. Jadyn's personality was one of a kind. He loved following everyone around and learning on his own how to do things. He loved helping people in any way possibe. He could put a smile on anyone's face. I would take him to stores and he would smile and say “hi“ to anyone who walked by. Jadyn knew over 55 words by the age of 2. He constantly was trying to learn something. By far Jadyn was and always will be the number one person in my life. No one and nothing can ever replace him. I wish Jadyn's life wasn't so short but God has a plan for him. I thank God for bringing such a beautiful and perfect little boy in my life! r.i.p. my perfect little Angel, Mommy loves u and misses you beyond belief


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