born 03.07.1995 and died 24.02.2007.
Remembered by Mum,Dad,Sister Zoja,Toni,Mia,Martina,Matko,Nika,Karlo,Viki,Danijel,grandma Zlata & Slobodanka,grandp:
Roko is one special boy...He died 24.02.07...He was 12...He is from Makarska,Croatia...The car hit him while he was going to the school...We will love him 4ever and we will always remember your beautiful smile and dreamer wiew...R.I.P Angel...Miss you too much It's hard to live without you........ “I miss you Miss you so bad I don't forget you Oh it's so sad I hope you can hear me I remember it clearly The day you slipped away Was the day I found It won't be the same I didn't get around to kiss you Goodbye on the hand I wish that I could see you again I know that I can't I hope you can hear me Cause I remember it clearly I've had my wake up Won't you wake up I keep asking why And I can't take it It wasn't fake it It happened you passed by Now you're gone There you go Somewhere I can't bring you back Now you're gone There you go Somewhere you're not coming back I miss you...“


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