born 2/6/2008 and died 2/7/2008.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
Dear Chloe & Siobhan, We tried for so long to bring you into this world. From the day we found out we were going to be the proud mommy and daddy of two beautiful girls, we were so happy. I remember the first time I felt you move in my belly and it was such an amazing feeling. I would tell daddy to come quick so he could feel as well. The day you were born our lives felt so complete, but unfortunately there were other plans for you both. You are both so precious to us and we love you so much. You will always be with us in our hearts, we will always love you, we will never forget you, and we know we will see you again one day. Until then, we will miss you every moment of every day, All of our love, Mommy and Daddy.


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