stillborn August 22, 2007.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Dearest baby Eva, Our only daughter, our second child. We did everything we could. I tried baby girl, I tried to keep you safe and sound. We tried to give you everything, but you slipped away from us. Tears stain my face as I write this because the pain is still so strong. You gave me 8 months of love and companionship. My heart was so full and hopeful for the future with my little girl. I would sing to you and give you words of encouragement to hang on and bless our lives in a way that your brother did not. It wasn't meant to be, sweet Eva. You were a beautiful little angel, it was like looking at a carbon copy of myself. I know one day we will meet again, and we will be a family, together. Listen to your big brother in the meantime and know that Daddy and I will forever love you, my little lamb. xo


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