stillborn 11/3/2000.
Remembered by Your Mom, Charity:
I dont know what brought me here today, but I am here. At work, thinking about a lot of things - of you. It wasn't long ago I took your things out the memory box I have and held them to my heart, in love and rememberence of you. I shared them with others. It is nice to show other people who you are and how precious you are to me. Life here is very hard sometimes. I see how much things have changed from now verses when I was a kid. Your Dad and I aren't together anymore. We are trying to be friends, and things are going okay with that. Your sister and brothers are doing fine, just growing up. I am still growing up too, finding that even at age 34 I still have a lot to figure out. Well my dear angel in heaven, god bless you today and all days. Peace, love and joy I send to you in prayer. I love you. Mommy


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