miscarried 09/02/2008.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
A Letter To My Unborn Baby Even though Iíve never met you, I love you just as much as if I had. I started loving you the moment I knew that you existed. I though to myself many times, how is it possible to love someone so much that youíve never even seen, heard, or touched. Now I have to think to myself, how is it possible to miss someone so much that youíve never even seen, heard, or touched. Iíve never seen your beautiful, sweet little face. Does it look like mine or like Daddyís? Maybe a little of both. Iíll never get to hear that wonderful, but pitiful cry when you wouldíve taken your first breath of air. Iíll never hear your fist laugh, or your first word. Iíll never get to hold you in my arms, or stay awake all night just to watch you sleep. I know God has a reason for everything but that doesnít help the pain. Even though I never have or will get to experience these things with you, you are still our baby forever. Our Guardian Angel. There will forever be a spot in my heart just for you. I know you will help give us the gift of another baby, but nothing will ever replace you. Goodbye until we meetÖ Love always, Mommy


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