miscarried October 11th 2004.
Remembered by Mom and Dad *Kelly and Beau* Big Brothers *Johnny and Ethan* Big Sister *Madeline* and Little Sister:
Our precious Angel Baby..We never got to hold you, or look at your face. We don't even know if you were a boy or a girl. Never got to count your toes or hear your first giggle. But we loved you from the day we found out I was pregnant with you. And everyday that went by, our love for you grew. We were so excited to have you. The day we lost you was one of the hardest days we've ever had to go through. One day they told me you were perfectly fine, the next day you were gone. But you were and forever will have a special spot in all our hearts. And one day we will all be together. We love you Angel. Watch over us til we can all be together one day.


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