miscarried 6/3/2008.
Remembered by Ben and Kasie Edmunds (mommy and daddy):
Good morning little sunshine, how are you today? I'm sorry we can't be there, to kiss your little face You would've been so beautiful, with a smile as bright as the sun Our joy and our love, in the face of one The tears we cry for you, are really just in vein Because now we know that you're in a better place The time we never had, is always on my mind The laughs we never heard, echo in my head The hand we never held, somehow I can feel Sometimes we feel as if our hearts will never heal Not a day goes by, that we don't think of you Would we have decorated in pink or blue? .. .. We'll never get to hug you, when you fall and scrape your knee When you're due date comes, our arms will be empty There are so many things, that we wanted to show you But most of all, we just wanted to know you We went through so much to try to get you here, When all it resulted in, was rivers of tears To our little angel who's in heaven above, You'll never know how much you are loved We will always miss you, and always remember That Mommy and Daddy will love you forever


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