stillborn January 12, 2008.
Remembered by Godmommy Tisha and Goddaddy Shad:
When your mother and I were little girls in pony tails, we promised each other that we'd be “Godmother“ to each others first born daughter or son. I feel so blessed to have been bestowed such an honor; to have been appointed Godmother to an angel-for that is what you are. You left us almost as soon as you came, but from your brief life we shall never be the same. You preached a sermon of love as you lay fast asleep. You let all who dared to love you know that life is too short to obesess over petty little things. As I now carry your God brother or sister in my womb, I also carry my precious memories of you. I promise to never forget you and keep your memory alive. One day I shall see your face, hold you close and smile back at those big brown beautiful eyes.


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