born June 8, 2006 and died June 8, 2006.
Remembered by Travis, Tina, Ethan, Chayce & Family and Friends:
Full of hope and anticipation, we waited for you, But we find ourselves still waiting... Waiting for the time to see you, to hold you again. Your time with us was beautiful, but too short, It was just long enough for us to know How much we needed you, loved you. We find ourselves feeling empty and full at the same time; Empty because you’re not here with us, But full because your life taught us so much. We see you in our dreams and say your name often, But are reminded of that fateful day... The day your spirit left to be with God. You are no longer here to share your life with us, Instead you live the life of an angel; you’re our angel, And we look forward to the day when we can hold you again.


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