born Feb 18th and died Feb 18th.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy and all your cousins and Grandparents:
Oh my Sweet Boy, you have forever touched my heart. You are in my every thought my every breath. You are my heart and now in heaven. You are my Angel my first born. You were so perfect just to small. Mommy would love to turn back time and change things some how to have you with us today. But there is no way to go back my sweet boy. Only faith for the future and hopes that the next time will be different. Your daddy and I love you and you will always be our first born son! Until we are united again. I will hold you in my heart forever! Your with the babies mommy had before you but I am sure you have met them already. I know that mommies Aunt Jan has you and you are not alone. I know where you are is beautiful my boy, you are beautiful. Thank you for the gift that you have been. I LOVE YOU! *Mommy*


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