stillborn Nov 30, 2000 8 years old.
Remembered by Dad:
Well you would have been 8 years old. Your Sister is so awesome. She keeps me going. I really am lost here. I am seeing things through different eyes and have been in a depressed state since your mom left me. She is remarried and it just kills me. Your sister is a great little girl. She is a singer and comedian. We try to make each other laugh in the good and bad times. I know she thinks about you all the time. She mentions your name and lets a balloon go up in the air for you so you have it. She crys sometimes wanting her family back but then again I still do also. I have made mistakes and wish that I had a chance to make things right. I am heading down a road that has many curves so hopefully I can manage the turns. I will always remember you and hope you are watching over your sister Allison. Love always, Your Dad


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