born January 3, 2005, November 16,2005, September 13, 2006, July 4, 2007 and died December 31, 2007 and January 1, 2008.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and 4 brothers:
On New Years Eve 2007 we lost most of our family. 4 of our 8 children were killed in a drunk driving accident. We were coming home from a party (we had not been drinking since the kids were with us) and we saw a car swerving on the road. Our oldest son called 911, but as he did the car slammed into us, thus causing a major accident. Our 4 youngest children where sitting in the middle seat of our SUV, Morgan was sitting closest to the window, the glass shattered cutting Morgans neck chest and arms. She was the first to be taken from the accident. She passed on the way to the hospital from her lose of blood. We love you baby! Nicholas was sitting next to her, he got a few cuts and was taken to the hospital, he died the next day from a traumatic brain stem injury. Daddy's brave boy! We love you! Jeremiah was sitting in the third seat, he was the baby, he was nearly 6 months old. The impact of the crash cause the seat belt to break that was holding his car seat in place. The seat went out of the side window and crashed to the ground. He was killed instantly. Thank the lord that he didn't suffer. We <3 you! Last but not least our daughter Jessica, Jessi for short. We was sitting on the far right of the vehicle. She was taken to the hospital, it seemed like there was nothing wrong with her at first beside the bumps and cuts that she had. She was at the hospital for 4 hours when she had a seizure. She came out of it and blood started coming out of her ears and nose. She died 5 minutes later of an unknown cause. We love you all and never for get it! Love, Mommy, Daddy, Dylan age 16, Kevin age 13, Andrew age 9 and Micah age 7.


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